Play pages

Things have been busier than normal so I haven’t been crafting as much, and I missed out on a couple of the PaperArtsy challenges. 

But the small amounts of play I have managed to squeeze in have resulted in some interesting pages. 

I took inspiration from Kim Dellow in using leaflets/books that have been mailed to me as my journal. I’ve been using envelopes as my substrate for a while now but those have been plain with no writing or images on them. 

These pages have built up over a number of weeks often just adding one element or layer. And they are still very much works in progress. 

This is the front cover and as it stands I absolutely love this page! 

This is one of the “finished” pages (because it has a quote 😉 , but who knows I might add more to it at a later date. 

Another page that could be finished but I’m not sure yet!!!! I hand drew the flowers and subsequently made a hand carved stamp using some of them because I really liked the shape. 

You can really see the original print from the booklet in this page and I used one of the title words as the main message for this page. 

Another couple of pages that are one their way. I’m liking the pink page a lot! And I like that the last page is monochrome which wasn’t intentional. Originally it was very colourful. 

This is the hand carved stamp from the “be bold” page. 


Image Transfers 

PaperArtsy blog challenge #4 : image transfers

Similarly to the last PA blog challenge I’ve never tried image transfers before so I was so excited when my first attempt actually worked!!!! 
The technique I used was (approx. 8) layers of mod podge over the image in alternating vertical and horizontal application, soak in water and then rub the paper off to reveal the transferred image. 
For the rest of the page I brayered different shades of PaperArtsy Fresco finish paints (cheesecake, guacamole, tinned peas and Hyde park), where the paper had warped from the previous page this created a really cool texture. 
Then I sprayed dylusions fresh lime and the paint acted as a resist. 

I then lightened off an area where my image transfer was going to be with the lighter shades of paint, and stick my image transfer down. 

Next I took a hand made stamp and Hyde park PA paint and stamped leaves around the transfer. 

Finished the project off with a washi tape boarder and a quote. 

Transparent Art 

Transparent art. 
This year I have decided to play more with my crafting and a great way for me to do that is to follow the themes on the PaperArtsy blog and keep a “craft diary” of the years themes. 
So I’ve made a journal using some spare envelopes I had laying around and I can always add more pages if I feel I want to play more with a particular theme. And I will make a cover for the journal at the end of the year. 
The first PaperArtsy theme for this year is Transparent Art. 

Which is not something I’ve really played with much. 

But for some reason I’ve recently been saving old and used envelopes that have those plastic windows in them, and when I saw this theme I thought it was a great opportunity to play. 

So thats what I did! 
The writing that was already on the window “private” is what really lead me to this quote. 

I love how the window highlights the words I’ve place underneath it and the simpleness of the “cover” really draws you in to look through the window at what is underneath and makes you want to see what else could be under there 🙂 

Mini mixed media trinket box

I finally decided to finish a project I started last year here is my mini mixed media trinket box garden….thing 😜!

<a href="https://magiacrafts.files.wordpress.


So I previously painted a paper mâché box with Mermaid and Guacamole Fresco paints added some tissue paper and picked out my main 3 embellishments, being the dragonfly, birdcage and the other brass embelly that reminds me of a golden snitch from the Harry Potter books/movies! 😂

To finish my project I used Faber-castell PITT artist pen in caput mortuum, light cobalt blue and permanent green olive to add some shading and distress the edges. Added some lace around the top and the top of the base of my trinket box.
Next was to add some mossy stuff (there is a proper name for this but I can’t seem to remember it!), paper flowers and a teenie tiny wooden ladybird (that I think I bought in Amsterdam ☺️).

Making a mini trinket box

“And so it begins” IMG_6962.JPG

I started with a coat of PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylic Paint in “snowflake” and added some Tim Holtz tissue paper “melange”.



Picking out some embellishments I would like to use for my trinket box.


Painting with PaperArtsy Fresco paints in “guacamole” and “mermaid”

IMG_6966.JPG (I watered down the paints over the tissue paper as they are opaque and would have totally obliterated the print)

IMG_6967.JPG Decided on my main embellishments (I will add flowers and other bits and bobs later).

I have many more processes to go through till I end up with the finished project. It will take me a while to complete but I’ll be sure to create more blog posts of the journey/creation of this little trinket box, it’s good to be back crafting again. This is just the beginning 😉

Becky Magia xx

Crafty Storage Box

My dad found this box and thought I might be able to use it for storing some of my craft supplies. IMG_6719.JPG (apologies some of the pictures aren’t great, I wasn’t planning on creating a blog post about this so didn’t pay much attention when taking the photos)

I loved the wood effect but didn’t particularly like all the “stickers” on the box. So I decided to completely cover the box. I took inspiration from Christy Tomlinson as I love her style and wanted to try something similar.

I first began by covering the entire box with paper which I tore to add texture. (I did this for all 4 sides and the top. I didn’t bother with the bottom as it wouldn’t be seen)



Then using PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylic Paint in ‘snowflake’ I added a thin layer using a very useful tool….. My finger! Applying a thin layer of paint helps to blend all the papers and create a background for the next stages whilst not obliterating the colours and patterns from the papers.
(I didn’t take a photo of this stage but you can see in the next photo how thinly I applied the snowflake Fresco Finish paint).

Next I wanted to add some texture using stencils, stamps, Dylusions ink sprays and more Fresco Finish Paints from PaperArtsy.
I used a doily stencil from The Crafters Workshop and a piece of packaging that had holes in it to spray Dylusions ink.
I used a selection of stamps from Kaiser Craft and Dyan Reaveley’s Dylusions. I used a piece of cut and dry foam to apply the paint to the stamp. The colours I used were ‘Zesty zing’, ‘Beach hut’, ‘London bus’, ‘Limelight’ and ‘Eggplant’


I also added some rub ons again to add texture the rub ons were from a shop called Hema and I really liked them because they had arrows and cool shapes as well as alphabet rub ons (which I didn’t use on this project). I also added a few Tim Holtz rub ons and did some doodling too.

Next I wanted to knock back some of the stamping and rub ons so I went in again with my trust tool (finger!) and more ‘snowflake’ Fresco Finish paint. (Be careful with this step over the Dylusions sprays as the paint will cause the ink to move around, could create a mess and ruin all your work!).

Finally I added a layer of Decou-page glue to seal in the rub ons and all the layers of paint and ink, which stops the rub ons peeling off but also protects your work.

And here is the finished project!



A couple of close ups to show the layers in more detail.



Thanks for stopping by!