PaperArtsy challenge #10 doodling 

Here is my play for the PaperArtsy blog challenge #10 doodling.

When I was in college I had to retake my maths GCSE, and instead of doing my work I was naughty and doodled instead. I must have filled pages and pages with doodles! 

And when I saw what the new PaperArtsy topic was the doodles that I used to do popped into my head! So this page was basically me revisiting my time at college sitting in maths class when I would have preferred to be in my dance classes. 

The heart was done using derwent inktense pencils and then I sprayed water over the top to get them to bleed a little. The rest was just lots of doodling with a black unipin fine line and a sharpie paint pen. And I added some book text just to break it up a bit. 


Transparent Art 

Transparent art. 
This year I have decided to play more with my crafting and a great way for me to do that is to follow the themes on the PaperArtsy blog and keep a “craft diary” of the years themes. 
So I’ve made a journal using some spare envelopes I had laying around and I can always add more pages if I feel I want to play more with a particular theme. And I will make a cover for the journal at the end of the year. 
The first PaperArtsy theme for this year is Transparent Art. 

Which is not something I’ve really played with much. 

But for some reason I’ve recently been saving old and used envelopes that have those plastic windows in them, and when I saw this theme I thought it was a great opportunity to play. 

So thats what I did! 
The writing that was already on the window “private” is what really lead me to this quote. 

I love how the window highlights the words I’ve place underneath it and the simpleness of the “cover” really draws you in to look through the window at what is underneath and makes you want to see what else could be under there 🙂