This blog post is to show my play for the PaperArtsy topic 3: WAX http://blog.paperartsy.co.uk/2016/02/2016-topic-3-wax-challenge.html?m=1
I have never worked with anything like this before so it was very new territory for me. 

And I was super busy so didn’t enter for the PaperArtsy challenge prize thingy. (But I did win it last time 😉 ) 

So I basically had a play with a few different techniques using Gelatos.  This technique is really cool and I’m sure I’ll be using this again. 

For this I stamped my image/background in clear embossing ink then put clear embossing powder over the top and set that. Next I went in with my Gelatos all over and used my finger to work it into the gaps/paper. 
  This is a cool technique too, using Gelatos to tint grunge paste. (Apologies for the picture not sure why it’s blue!). 
And finally I did create a page in my envelope journal with the Gelatos direct to paper and then wiping through a stencil back to the underlying colour of the paper.   I added a border some stamped feathers and a quote. I’ll be honest this isn’t my favourite page I’ve created. 

But this challenge and journal isn’t about things being perfect, it’s for me to try things that I’ve maybe never done before. 

Magia xxx



Challenge number 2 on the PaperArtsy blog. 

For this topic I created a page in my envelope journal. 
I pretty much used every heart stamp, stencil and mask I own! 
I started off by stamping lots of hearts from EEG13 onto the page with archival ink in sepia.   
Then I added some PaperArtsy paints (Rose, Wisteria and stone) with a baby wipe.


Added some heart stencilling with neon pink paint and some dots stencilling with Amethyst PA paint.   

I still had some stone paint on my craft sheet so I added some text stamping from HP1304EZ. 
Used a homemade heart mask and covered the whole piece in little black dress PA paint. 
Added some hearts stamped on to old book paper and finished with a quote, boarder, dots and outlining in my trusty sharpie white paint pen. 

 And here is the finished page 🙂   

Transparent Art 

Transparent art. 
This year I have decided to play more with my crafting and a great way for me to do that is to follow the themes on the PaperArtsy blog and keep a “craft diary” of the years themes. 
So I’ve made a journal using some spare envelopes I had laying around and I can always add more pages if I feel I want to play more with a particular theme. And I will make a cover for the journal at the end of the year. 
The first PaperArtsy theme for this year is Transparent Art. 


Which is not something I’ve really played with much. 

But for some reason I’ve recently been saving old and used envelopes that have those plastic windows in them, and when I saw this theme I thought it was a great opportunity to play. 

So thats what I did! 
The writing that was already on the window “private” is what really lead me to this quote. 

I love how the window highlights the words I’ve place underneath it and the simpleness of the “cover” really draws you in to look through the window at what is underneath and makes you want to see what else could be under there 🙂 

Recycled butterfly canvas

With PaperArtsy’s new theme being Deconstruction/Recycling/repurposing etc I decided to revisit an idea I had a while back.
I actually started the project but didn’t like where I had taken it so I ripped all the bits off and have now used the canvas for a different project! Below is the previous project before I took it too far and ended up discarding it!).

First I started with a canvas (4×4 I think) added a layer of Tim Holtz tissue paper. 

And then came the messy bit! 
I really love the new limited edition frescos from Lin Brown and I had a bit of a play with the colours on some paper first (which will make some very nice backgrounds for cards etc!). 

Once I had decided on which two colours I wanted to use it was the moment of truth (can I pull this off or will this be a project that I never get to see through to finishing).
So using the frescos “Bougainvillea” and “Caribbean sea” and my trusty credit card I started to scrape the colour on. Avoiding the main focal image of the butterfly. 
I took a baby wipe to take off paint where I had gone over the image. (Because I need to see this for the next part 😉 ) 

Here comes the repurposing/recycling part….
I raised the shed and found loads of little bits and bobs! 
Cogs, washers, ball bearings, nuts, split pins, fuses, springs, chains, clips etc. 
And set about positioning these items to form the butterfly. Then stick it all down (for this I used glossy accents, because it’s what I had to hand). 
Next I added some bling to match the background colours. 

And did some stamping using PaperArtsy stamps (esn11 and eev06) using archival ink (jet black) and snowflake fresco paint.

Lastly I wanted to add a quote or some words so I raised my stash of stamps and found a few quotes that I liked. 

I decided to use a quote that goes well with the PaperArtsy theme and the butterfly “what appears to be the end is usually the start of a new beginning” 
I hope you like it, I really enjoyed making this project and it will hang on my wall in pride of place 🙂

Mini mixed media trinket box

I finally decided to finish a project I started last year here is my mini mixed media trinket box garden….thing 😜!

<a href="https://magiacrafts.files.wordpress.


So I previously painted a paper mâché box with Mermaid and Guacamole Fresco paints added some tissue paper and picked out my main 3 embellishments, being the dragonfly, birdcage and the other brass embelly that reminds me of a golden snitch from the Harry Potter books/movies! 😂

To finish my project I used Faber-castell PITT artist pen in caput mortuum, light cobalt blue and permanent green olive to add some shading and distress the edges. Added some lace around the top and the top of the base of my trinket box.
Next was to add some mossy stuff (there is a proper name for this but I can’t seem to remember it!), paper flowers and a teenie tiny wooden ladybird (that I think I bought in Amsterdam ☺️).

Quick Card using PaperArtsy Paints and Stamps by JoFY


Made this quick card this morning. Really love how it turned out!

I started by using a credit card to swipe paint across my card stock (the colours I used were PaperArtsy’s Banana and Bougainvillea from Lin Browns limited edition set).
Then where I had used a previous colour on another page had transferred over (because I didn’t clean up properly (oops!)) I decided to cut that piece off and then ended up using that piece instead!
I added some swipes using PaperArtsy’s Mermaid paint (one of my favourites).
Then added some scraps of tissue paper that I had left over from previous projects.
Did some stamping of Leandra’s favourite stamp 😉 which is one of Ellen Vargo’s stamps (EEV06) in Snowflake.
Then using stamps from JoFY sets JOFY22 stamped some flowers on to old book paper and used the stem from JOFY24. Added some white highlights to the flowers and stems and added a jewel in the centre of each flower.

Really quick and not bad for a background that was initially a mistake!!

Making a mini trinket box

“And so it begins” IMG_6962.JPG

I started with a coat of PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylic Paint in “snowflake” and added some Tim Holtz tissue paper “melange”.



Picking out some embellishments I would like to use for my trinket box.


Painting with PaperArtsy Fresco paints in “guacamole” and “mermaid”

IMG_6966.JPG (I watered down the paints over the tissue paper as they are opaque and would have totally obliterated the print)

IMG_6967.JPG Decided on my main embellishments (I will add flowers and other bits and bobs later).

I have many more processes to go through till I end up with the finished project. It will take me a while to complete but I’ll be sure to create more blog posts of the journey/creation of this little trinket box, it’s good to be back crafting again. This is just the beginning 😉

Becky Magia xx