PaperArtsy challenge #10 doodling 

Here is my play for the PaperArtsy blog challenge #10 doodling.

When I was in college I had to retake my maths GCSE, and instead of doing my work I was naughty and doodled instead. I must have filled pages and pages with doodles! 

And when I saw what the new PaperArtsy topic was the doodles that I used to do popped into my head! So this page was basically me revisiting my time at college sitting in maths class when I would have preferred to be in my dance classes. 

The heart was done using derwent inktense pencils and then I sprayed water over the top to get them to bleed a little. The rest was just lots of doodling with a black unipin fine line and a sharpie paint pen. And I added some book text just to break it up a bit. 


Mono printing 

Here’s my page for the PaperArtsy challenge #9 Mono Printing.

Gelli printing is one of my newest obsessions!!!

As you can see I did my gelli printing onto old book paper, I just love the added layer the typed print brings without me doing any work! 

This was 3 different prints all in similar colours ripped up and glued into my envelope journal. 

I had the large scribble circle already stamped out from a previous project and I wanted to use it on this page. 

So I added some more stamping of the large and small scribble circles from EEG15. The “art” stamp and small spikey circles from the same stamp plate. I also brought out my oil pastels to add some colour to the circles. 

White space

I’m a bit late to the party with this one! Here’s my play at the PaperArtsy challenge #8 White space. 

White space is something I struggle with and will try to push myself to do more projects with white space, especially with my art journalling. 

I recently bought PaperArtsy’s infusions at Ally Pally. I love them so much already!!! 

So I was just playing with those and the idea of white space. 

To finish I added some stamps from ESN11. 

Now I need to go and buy the rest of the infusions colours!!!! 

Play pages

Things have been busier than normal so I haven’t been crafting as much, and I missed out on a couple of the PaperArtsy challenges. 

But the small amounts of play I have managed to squeeze in have resulted in some interesting pages. 

I took inspiration from Kim Dellow in using leaflets/books that have been mailed to me as my journal. I’ve been using envelopes as my substrate for a while now but those have been plain with no writing or images on them. 

These pages have built up over a number of weeks often just adding one element or layer. And they are still very much works in progress. 

This is the front cover and as it stands I absolutely love this page! 

This is one of the “finished” pages (because it has a quote 😉 , but who knows I might add more to it at a later date. 

Another page that could be finished but I’m not sure yet!!!! I hand drew the flowers and subsequently made a hand carved stamp using some of them because I really liked the shape. 

You can really see the original print from the booklet in this page and I used one of the title words as the main message for this page. 

Another couple of pages that are one their way. I’m liking the pink page a lot! And I like that the last page is monochrome which wasn’t intentional. Originally it was very colourful. 

This is the hand carved stamp from the “be bold” page. 


This is my page for the PaperArtsy Challenge Topic #7 Resists 

I recently was given a set of oil pastels by my mum. And thought I’d have a play using them as a resist to create a cool background. 

I started just by drawing some shapes in a cream oil pastel and adding a few scribble lines too. I then used a neon pink paint, a turquoise paint and lots of water to create a watercolour background. I loved the colours but didn’t like how I ended up with a block of pink with harsh lines.

So I left this page for a bit then unsure where to go next……

A few days later I added the boarder using PA stencil PS031 and the blobby lines from the same stencil. Which helped to cover some of the harsh lines from the paint layer. 

Next I added the stamping of my favourite PA mini stamp mini18 in archival ink in “watering can”. This was a bit harsh for me too so I added some white to the insides of the letters and numbers. 

The focal image is a stencil from the crafters workshop, I absolutely love this stencil but don’t often use it. So I stencilled it onto some old book paper using black paint cut it out and stuck it down. Then to make the feathers make sense I searched online for a quote about feathers and found this one which I loved, ” it’s not enough to have the feathers. You must dare to fly!” 

I’m actually fairly pleased with how this page came out! Considering I had no clue what to do after adding the paint. 

Art Doll

PaperArtsy blog challenge: #5 Art Dolls

As for some of the previous PA challenges this year Art Dolls is not something I’ve ever attempted to make. But I do love making abstract assemblages. 
I started this project by pulling out lots of bits and bobs I have magpied away (cogs, mini glass bottles, wooden shapes, beads etc). 
I have lots of the boxes from a Tim Holtz configuration left over from a previous project and I thought one would make a good “body” for my art doll. 
I started by painting the inside of the box in PaperArtsy Fresco paint stone, I wanted a light colour so all the bits and bobs would show up. 
Next I used a technique shown to me by Tracy Scott that we used at the PaperArtsy Xmas craft party and made a spine and rib cage for my doll using tissue paper, glue and grunge paste. 

I painted the whole back of the box in little black dress PA paint. And added London night, mushroom and stone for the bones. 

I have to admit I’m very please with how this came out 🙂 
I was struggling for a long time on what to do for the head of my doll, I knew I wanted to use the blue eye but that was all, and I played around with using a button for the other eye, a cork for the nose and a plastic “thing” for the mouth but then I saw this skull eraser!!! I love skulls and skeletons etc and it just seemed a perfect fit with what I had done on the torso of my doll. 

Next it was all just about assembling the dolls bits and bobs together. 

The finishing touch to the whole project was the top hat I made my doll which I just think is super cute! 

Image Transfers 

PaperArtsy blog challenge #4 : image transfers

Similarly to the last PA blog challenge I’ve never tried image transfers before so I was so excited when my first attempt actually worked!!!! 
The technique I used was (approx. 8) layers of mod podge over the image in alternating vertical and horizontal application, soak in water and then rub the paper off to reveal the transferred image. 
For the rest of the page I brayered different shades of PaperArtsy Fresco finish paints (cheesecake, guacamole, tinned peas and Hyde park), where the paper had warped from the previous page this created a really cool texture. 
Then I sprayed dylusions fresh lime and the paint acted as a resist. 

I then lightened off an area where my image transfer was going to be with the lighter shades of paint, and stick my image transfer down. 

Next I took a hand made stamp and Hyde park PA paint and stamped leaves around the transfer. 

Finished the project off with a washi tape boarder and a quote.