PaperArtsy challenge #10 doodling 

Here is my play for the PaperArtsy blog challenge #10 doodling.

When I was in college I had to retake my maths GCSE, and instead of doing my work I was naughty and doodled instead. I must have filled pages and pages with doodles! 

And when I saw what the new PaperArtsy topic was the doodles that I used to do popped into my head! So this page was basically me revisiting my time at college sitting in maths class when I would have preferred to be in my dance classes. 

The heart was done using derwent inktense pencils and then I sprayed water over the top to get them to bleed a little. The rest was just lots of doodling with a black unipin fine line and a sharpie paint pen. And I added some book text just to break it up a bit. 


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