Art Doll

PaperArtsy blog challenge: #5 Art Dolls

As for some of the previous PA challenges this year Art Dolls is not something I’ve ever attempted to make. But I do love making abstract assemblages. 
I started this project by pulling out lots of bits and bobs I have magpied away (cogs, mini glass bottles, wooden shapes, beads etc). 
I have lots of the boxes from a Tim Holtz configuration left over from a previous project and I thought one would make a good “body” for my art doll. 
I started by painting the inside of the box in PaperArtsy Fresco paint stone, I wanted a light colour so all the bits and bobs would show up. 
Next I used a technique shown to me by Tracy Scott that we used at the PaperArtsy Xmas craft party and made a spine and rib cage for my doll using tissue paper, glue and grunge paste. 

I painted the whole back of the box in little black dress PA paint. And added London night, mushroom and stone for the bones. 

I have to admit I’m very please with how this came out 🙂 
I was struggling for a long time on what to do for the head of my doll, I knew I wanted to use the blue eye but that was all, and I played around with using a button for the other eye, a cork for the nose and a plastic “thing” for the mouth but then I saw this skull eraser!!! I love skulls and skeletons etc and it just seemed a perfect fit with what I had done on the torso of my doll. 

Next it was all just about assembling the dolls bits and bobs together. 

The finishing touch to the whole project was the top hat I made my doll which I just think is super cute! 


7 thoughts on “Art Doll

  1. I absolutely love this, it’s totally up my street. Art dolls should be whatever you want them to be, but this is what they are in my mind’s eye – three dimensional and quirky and freestanding with found items and lots of imagination and artistry. Wish I could make it, it is fab!

    Lucy x

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