Crafty Storage

One thing I have trouble with regarding my crafting is not having a designated room or space to do my crafting (although it is a dream of mine to have a studio in my house where I can craft and make as much mess as I want!). Along with not having a space where I can craft there is the problem of storing all the papers, embellishments, stamps, inks, tools, etc needed to get creative.

I currently craft on my bed room floor spreading out all my tools around me and with my cat Meow walking across my creations whilst I’m working on them (not ideal!)

So in this post I want to share with you how I’ve started to store some of my crafty goodies which may give you some ideas of how you can too 🙂 (this is still a work in progress as I have A LOT of craft stuff!)


My ting tong (‘crazy’ in Thai) cat Meow. (She’s from Thailand and I love her to pieces)


I find chests like this really useful for storing magazines and paper (and they look good too!)


This is how I store my Tim Holtz Distress inks (I even went to the effort to create labels for them so I don’t have to pull them all out to find the colour I want)

image image

I love this little chest of draws which I have decorated with decopatch papers and Tim Holtz tape (great for holding ribbon, tape, and other embellishments)

My next storage project is for my clear and Kling stamps, I will create a new post to show you what I’ve done with them, watch this space!


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